June 3, 2023

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RAQ Group: Beware of building inspectors ringing your doorbell

RAQ Group: Beware of building inspectors ringing your doorbell

Authorities are investigating a Quebec company that illegally knocks on doors to inspect homes and offer questionable services.

“Do you have the right to do this? […] Can I take a photo of your ID?”, one man began in the video, where he filmed an employee of Groupe Renault Assistance Quebec (RAQ) not answering his questions.

In this 22-second sequence, published on social networks to warn the public, we see the alleged inspector going door to door in Laval. It markets its services with the aim of reducing household electricity costs. He was wearing a safety jacket and a helmet with the mention of RAQ.

The problem is that Groupe Renault Assistance is not authorized to sell by peddling, according to the Quebec Office of Consumer Protection (OPC).

“So by law they don’t have a traveling salesman’s licence. […]. “This permission is mandatory for door-to-door visits, even if the user agrees to the visit after filling out a form on Facebook,” warns office spokesman Charles Tanguay.

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be careful

The OPC confirmed that RAQ was “currently conducting checks” on the group. Note that the company is not registered with the Registre des Enterprises Quebec.

The Log Quebecers also found several publications on social networks condemning the peddling of the RAQ group in Greater Montreal, but also among Laurentians.

QAR group.

Screenshot of the West Island Community Facebook group

“Citizens told us that the peddlers did not have business cards or commercial vehicles, which made everything more suspicious,” confirmed Charlene Lanctot, communications officer for the city of Sainte-Anne-des-Plains.

She adds that she has received twenty calls from her citizens since 2022 for this type of illegal door-to-door.

“Sometimes we are asked to go to the attic and check or check the electricity meter in the yard because we are in the red zone. However, we do not authorize any company to peddle,” Ms. Lanctot said.

The police were alerted

On RAQ Group’s website, the company falsely claims that it has several certifications and business partners to give it credibility.

Anticipated partners that RAQ Group displays on its website.

Screenshot taken from groupe-raq.com

Anticipated partners that RAQ Group displays on its website.

Anticipated partners that RAQ Group displays on its website.

Screenshot taken from groupe-raq.com

Anticipated partners that RAQ Group displays on its website.

These anticipated partners include the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, the Association of Construction and Housing Professionals of Québec, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks.

However, all these organizations have confirmed Log Not affiliated with RAQ Group. They said they asked the company to remove their lies and their logo from their website.

“We will approach the police authorities for this purpose,” the environment ministry added on its part.

They disappear

Our representative contacted the RAQ group repeatedly via email and telephone. Our interview requests were not answered at the time of publishing this article.

Last Friday, the company’s website was finally deactivated. The Log However, there was time to take several screenshots of their webpage before it disappeared.

The groupe-raq.com website is now deactivated.

Screenshot taken from groupe-raq.com website

The groupe-raq.com website is now deactivated.

Fraudulent tactics used by peddlers:

  • A dealer offers to inspect or clean the air ducts for free with the ulterior motive of selling a new appliance
  • A tradesman inspects the attic (attic) of a property and claims to have found mold that requires urgent extermination work when this is not the case.
  • A fake contest is held on social networks to win a heat pump or save $5,000 on work
  • Some merchants offer government subsidies or savings on the fuel bill, which make the purchase cost-free.

Source: Office of Consumer Protection

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