June 7, 2023

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Ottawa Hydro-Québec wants to help increase its supply

Ottawa Hydro-Québec wants to help increase its supply

Among measures in her budget, Minister Chrystia Freeland believes that tax credits for green infrastructure will help Hydro-Québec increase green electricity production.

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“This is an excellent plan for Quebec, for Hydro-Québec and for a province that produces a lot of green electricity and a province that needs to produce more of it,” the finance minister said on the “Balance Sheet” program. .”

The latter believes that Quebec is in an excellent position to attract green businesses, but risks running out of power in the province to meet demand.

She fears that Hydro-Québec is not supplying consumers and green industries.

“Our plan will directly help Quebec and Hydro-Québec by solving this big problem,” Ms. Freeland said.

The minister explains that in the past, these types of tax credits only applied to the private sector, but she says her government understands that Crown corporations like Hydro-Québec now need to be encouraged.

To watch the full interview, watch the video above.

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