June 3, 2023

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“Be the goat”: Questionable translation of Colombia motto causes backlash in Montreal

“Be the goat”: Questionable translation of Colombia motto causes backlash in Montreal

Displayed in the heart of downtown Montreal, outdoor brand Columbia’s slogan is causing a lot of response on social networks.

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Banners hung on the Hudson’s Bay Company building on Sainte-Catherine Street displayed the message “Be the Goat”, a translation of the English expression “Be the goat.”. Acronym “the goatmeaning “The greatest of all time“, or “The Best of All Time”.

English word “goats” Also means “goat” in Shakespeare’s language.

“That’s a crime of an acronym…”, commented one user.

“Perhaps the translation team decided to keep the goat concept because of the graphics. The English marketing team didn’t think about other languages.. It happens in the world of translation, sacrifices have to be made,” opined another internet user.

One woman blamed the brand for not knowing about other cultures. “For the average Quebecer, a goat evokes farm and cheese, not mountains and the great outdoors,” she writes.

This Columbia brand ad campaign uses goats to promote a new pair of shoes. The animals have been featured in several videos to show their ability to adapt to difficult terrain. the phrase “Be the goat.” is therefore used as a pun on occasion.

It is not known when these posters were installed and it is not known if this was a translation error in Colombia.

Remember that this event took place at a time when the state of the French language in the metropolis was causing concern to many actors in the political scene.

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