June 3, 2023

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Artificial Intelligence: A Six Month Break?

Artificial Intelligence: A Six Month Break?

Major figures in the world of artificial intelligence, including Elon Musk, published a forum this week in a form of alarm.

What are they telling us? With the explosion of artificial intelligence in recent months and conversational software like GPT4 entering our daily lives, we need to take a few months off to see where we stand.


Because, tell us the signatories of this forum, the colonization of our societies by artificial intelligence could profoundly displace them.

It also runs the risk of a growing confusion between truth and falsehood, reaching the point where all our psychological landmarks are disrupted. Artificial intelligence may tomorrow produce an “artificial reality” that will replace ours without even knowing it.

It can replace an incalculable number of workers in the professional world. We understand the legitimate fears of all those who might suddenly be declared unfit.

It has been described that the machine can, and already does, write respectable novels, decent screenplays, and pass the most difficult entrance exams at the biggest schools.

Ultimately, artificial intelligence may lead to the obsolescence of humans as nothing more than obsolete technology before machines that can perform an infinite number of mental tasks beyond their own. Man seems to have programmed his disappearance, or at least, accepted it as no more than dead wood in the history of progress.


Will the oligarchs of new technologies really pilot the destinies of humanity from now on?

Do we really agree to this shift to transhumanism? Or don’t we need to put democratic and moral beacons on alienation like we’ve never seen in human history? But can we stop or control such technological progress? The question haunts us.

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