June 1, 2023

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Most Hydro-Québec customers in the Outauais should have power restored on Friday

Most Hydro-Québec customers in the Outauais should have power restored on Friday

As of 9:00 p.m. Friday, 29,786 customers were still without power in Outauis. On Thursday evening, there were 63,000. At noon, more than half of the 226,922 customers were without power at home.

The most affected areas remain the same MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais and Pontiac, with 9,164 and 6,034 customers respectively, are still without power.

In an interview with Radio-Canada on Friday, Carolyn Milliard, community advisor for Hydro-Québec’s Outauais, assured the region that recovery is progressing well, however.

Hydro-Québec teams must go to the site before giving an approximate time, the spokesperson noted. (File Photo)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Vincent Tremblay-Charlebois

Since yesterday, we’ve reconnected more than 85,000 customers. […] Province-wide, we aim to restore as many customers as possible, between 70 and 80% by the end of today, which is 11pm tonight.She explained.

Ms. Milliard, however, acknowledged that some customers may have to wait until Saturday or Sunday, especially in the most remote areas and the hardest-hit sectors.

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one day axle

From the point of view of the mayor of Gatineau, Frans Belisle, Friday is a axle In relation to the reconnection of its fellow citizens.

This is a crucial day to establish Hydro-Québec, where it will be very difficult and when we shift into another gear. This other speed is the opening of accommodation centers for citizens, who are asked to remain independent for the first 72 hours.

to the city of Gatineau, We have teams working on it [pour que ce soit] Places to accommodate bed, food and petsShe explained to the show Mornings here.

Fifty thousand Gatineau residents have been reconnected [jeudi]But there are still 25,000, including 9,000 in the Aylmer sector. […] At the end of the week, people who have not yet reconnected will start to finish their headphones! »

A quote from Frans Belisle, Mayor of Gatineau
Gatineau mayor with three men in front of the microphone in front of the municipal building.

The mayor of Gatineau (centre) at a press conference Thursday afternoon. (File Photo)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frédéric Pepin

Frans Belisle wanted to remind the public that Gatineau residents can go to one of the emergency centers to shower and recharge their devices. Knowing the citizens of MRC Neighbors are also struggling, and Mayor Gatineau invites them to take advantage of the facilities.

People who need a hand are not asked for their identity card.

Later on Friday, at the RDI, she announced the opening of a new center in Gatineau’s western sector for people to bathe.

As a reminder, citizens of sectors Buckingham and walk to the Community and Cultural Center of Masson-Angers Buckingham and the Jean-Marie-Caron library to charge electronic devices and fill water containers.

Patience is always necessary

Since Wednesday’s blizzard passed, Hydro-Québec chose not to give an approximate time when power would be restored, preferring instead to provide a general picture of the situation.

Even though it hasn’t been 48 hours yet, I understand that it’s frustrating that we’ve been figuring it out for so long. Why we decided not to put in detail means that you have to go and see on the spot. Later, we will be able to give a more realistic hourCaroline Milliard explained.

Caroline Milliard allows us to photograph outside.

Caroline Milliard, Community Relations Advisor at Hydro-Québec. (File Photo)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Matthew Deroy

There are 600 failures [en Outaouais], but not 600 teams. We will go there depending on the preferences. We ask for people’s patience and thank them. […] I promise it won’t take four days!

With information from Olivier Daoust

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