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Easter Chocolates: Here are the new trends to try this weekend

Easter Chocolates: Here are the new trends to try this weekend

A new trend for pure, vegan and allergen-free chocolate is delighting Easter-mad Quebecers this year.

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While Quebecers are particularly fond of milk chocolate, more enthusiasts are turning to chocolates that are vegan or that focus on cocoa purity.

“There’s a big interest in chocolate made with 100% cocoa, which has a single element on its ingredients list,” says Nicolas Butelet, head chocolatier at the Académie du Chocolat de Montreal, who suddenly added the sugar in chocolate as fructose. Extracted from Pod

French-born, working in the field for more than 25 years, shows a great return to the fundamentals of the world of chocolate. According to him, people are looking for more neutral elements, fewer and fewer colors and fewer materials.

“The famous chocolate bunnies with white eyes made of white chocolate are a great classic, and I think it’s coming back,” he says.

Without allergens

Chocolatiers are also noticing an increase in demand for dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate.

“Allergen-free chocolates have become very popular recently. A lot of lactose intolerant people ask me for it,” says Judy-Anne Duguay, owner of Choco Daisy in Drummondville.

Chef Butelet also thanks to the plant “Chuffa”, many master chocolatiers are now able to reproduce a taste similar to milk chocolate to create some of their chocolates.

Whether it’s three-foot-tall bunnies, extravagant centerpieces or giant Easter eggs, chocolate remains the most popular gourmet gift during the Easter holidays.

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“Easter is a festival of chocolate […] As we can see, this is the best selling time of the year,” asserts Chef Butelet.

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