December 8, 2023

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A woman made a shocking discovery at a thrift store

A woman made a shocking discovery at a thrift store

A woman from Seattle, Washington shared an unusual item she found while shopping at a thrift store on her TikTok account. In fact, according to Fox News, a video of her making the purchase has been viewed more than 12 million times.

Josie Chase, 24, a social media coordinator for two Seattle restaurants, has been collecting “vintage” clothing and accessories since 2018.

Last month, while browsing the aisles of her local thrift store, Chase spotted a small gray vase with a blue ribbon tied around it. That’s when she realized it was a chip, Fox News reported.

At the bottom of the ballot box a sticker was pasted saying “Tobi Kawa”. So Chase assumed it was the deceased. She opened the container and saw ashes inside.

It wasn’t until she posted a video of the find on her TikTok account that she realized it was a pet’s ashes.

The young woman explains that she was shocked by the gruesome discovery and couldn’t explain why someone would deposit ashes at a thrift store donation center.

She explains to Fox News that she bought the item and tried to find the owner rather than risk leaving it in the store and throwing away the ashes.

Alyssa Grigg, director of marketing and communications for Evergreen Goodwill of Northwest Washington, said it was a mistake by Goodwill employees.

In an interview with Fox News, Grigg explained that a strict protocol is in place, requiring employees to check the contents of containers before putting them up for sale.

Although it’s an involuntary gesture, Grigg said Goodwill sometimes receives sentimental items or paraphernalia from its donors.

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When Chase showed up to return the urn full of ashes, the thrift store reimbursed her for her purchase and even gave her a $50 gift card.

Goodwill employees told Chase they would store the ashes in hopes the owner would contact them. Otherwise, they sprinkle the ashes in the local garden.

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