February 25, 2024

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Had to work with corks: An employee was fired for singing too loudly

Had to work with corks: An employee was fired for singing too loudly

A French supermarket worker was fired from his job for pushing the bill so hard by stocking the shelves that his colleagues complained about having to work through traffic jams.

“We do not in any way prevent you from expressing your joy or your good humor by singing, but you must understand that the volume of the sound of this externalization should be reduced,” wrote the director of the establishment to the last concerned employee. In May, La Voix du Nord reported on Monday.

On Tuesday, in front of the Auchan store in Louvre, northern France, the union came and organized a choir protesting the firing of an employee whose good morning mood led to the dismissal.

According to French media, “Absolutely nothing disgusting,” snapped union representative Eric Dronsart. “It always exists, it’s part of the work environment.

According to the union’s statements, the employee had worked for the company for twenty years and had received no warning prior to his dismissal. However, La Voix du Nord said some colleagues have complained to management suggesting they come to work with traffic jams.

However, to condemn the process, the union invited employees and customers to come in front of the establishment and sing in support of the employee on sick leave.

“This is not just a formal act, this event takes place in a stressful social context in the organization, we are completely dehumanized. We cannot accept that,” Erik Dronsart insisted.

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