February 24, 2024

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In full view of your neighbors: Amazon packages are delivered without a box

In full view of your neighbors: Amazon packages are delivered without a box

Your tablet or laptop ordered on Amazon ends up at your front door in full view of all your neighbors.

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According to Andy Jassy, ​​one of the chief executives, this change represents the next logical step for the American e-commerce company.

Mr. Jassi hopes that the new initiative will satisfy consumers who are frustrated with the countless number of Amazon boxes piling up in their recycling bins.


The giant’s new vice president of innovation and packaging, Pat Lindner, told the Washington Post that “there is an important need for the company to innovate in the field of packaging”, a situation that “company leaders recognize as very important.”.

According to company information reported by the Washington Post, already today, 11% of products on the Amazon site offer this option to be delivered without the famous brown cardboard box that hides the contents of the package.

Customers usually have the option to pick up this extra packaging when placing their order, but some customers still don’t notice this option on the site.

Kenneth Levine of New Jersey, who receives an Amazon package a week, laments the waste this over-packaging causes.

He said that if given the option, he would be willing to try this new initiative for delivery of non-fragile products like books.

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However, other customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the X platform, such as user Keiko who received a computer part without a signature box.

Or this consumer who ordered a new sweeper and gets “pissed off” if someone “steals it before she gets to her house.”

Responding to complaints from these two users on the X, Amazon said the initiative was the next important development after the success of its decision to speed up deliveries by limiting the distance to travel.

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