February 25, 2024

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Two new L’Oeufrier restaurants in Quebec

Two new L'Oeufrier restaurants in Quebec

L’Oeufrier restaurants continue their expansion in Quebec City, with two new establishments opening in Sainte-Foy and Limoilou in the coming months.

At the Pyramide de Saint-Foy, located in the former courtyard of the restaurant-bar Jacques Salon, a restaurant specializing in dining will open next October.

In total, the establishment will have around 100 spaces.

An estimated $1.1 million in renovation work is underway, Banner president Pedro Medina emphasized.

Major renovation works

Although the restaurant in Limoilou is small and can accommodate 70 customers, the investment in the renovation of the premises is the same.

“We had a few small surprises when we opened. These are major renovations we are in the process of carrying out,” said Denis Serre, franchisee for the Quebec region.

Significant excavation work is specifically planned in the future franchise at 701, 3.e Avenue, or to install a private salon in the former Lay Collective hair salon, particularly in the basement, Mr. Medina mentioned.

As of now, the opening of the Limoilou restaurant is scheduled for April 2024.

Two moods

The futuristic restaurant in Sainte-Foy offers a “modern” and “pure” atmosphere, while Limoilou reflects more neighborhood life in a “warmer” format, Mr. Medina explains.

“Every restaurant has a different look and feel. The customer does not have the impression of being in a franchise, but in his own neighborhood restaurant”, he noted.

Photo courtesy of Perdo Medina

Wind in the sails

It is famous for its dishes with original names such as “Le Party est Pogne au Village” for a vegetarian brunch plate or “La Petite Rou Chez Desjardins” or “Regis en” referring to a breakfast bowl with chorizo ​​and goat cheese. Diet for the Carnival” that qualifies for a smoked meat omelet, L’Oeufrier restaurants will have air, but other openings are planned soon.

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The banner currently has 41 addresses in Quebec, but will have 10 more in eight months, Mr. Medina said.

Of this number, two new restaurants in Lévis and Quebec will open in the coming year.

In this region, restaurants of the well-established banner in Montreal have already opened in Beauport, Neufchatel and most recently in Pont-Rouge.

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