September 26, 2023

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Bicycle registration: “It’s useless”

Bicycle registration: "It's useless"

Despite the growing popularity of cycling, some are in favor of a return to bicycle registration, an idea strongly rejected by Velo Quebec.

Passersby who met with TVA Nouvelles on Saturday were open to such an idea.

“There may be tickets and it’s like cars on the road, we share it,” said a passerby. We also have to share the costs. “

“Registering bicycles can reduce theft or make theft easier to detect,” said a woman.

But according to Vélo Québec program director Magali Brebon, the cost of such a measure would be too high.

“It’s useless,” she said. It is also very difficult to find a proportional contribution to meet the demand for bicycles and the cost of maintaining the system is more than the revenue we can get from it.

Regarding bicycle theft, SPVM uses a mobile application that allows you to register your bicycle by uploading a photo and indicating the serial number attached to it.

If the bike is stolen, report it on the platform.

Watch the full report in the video above.

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