September 26, 2023

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A dog that farts, howls and drools on a plane: A couple wants a refund

A dog that farts, howls and drools on a plane: A couple wants a refund

A pair of Australian passengers flying home from Europe demanded a refund for their premium ticket after spending their flight covered in two legs of non-stop farting service dog drool.

“I heard this sound – a loud snoring. I thought it was my husband’s phone, but we looked down and realized it was the dog’s breath. […] My husband was in shorts and there was dog saliva on his leg,” Gill Press reported, according to “The Independent” on Monday.

A few weeks earlier, the Wellington couple were preparing to take off on a 13-hour flight from Paris to Singapore when they realized they would be sharing their tiny space with an emotional service dog.

British media continued that the dog’s head was pushed under the owner’s feet by the Australian’s feet as the trolleys moved down the aisle.

Singapore Airlines flight attendants offered them a seat at the back of the plane, in the economy section, away from the premium seats they had paid for.

But mid-flight the situation worsens when the mastiff starts farting in the enclosure, making the situation unbearable.

This time, the flight attendants are alleging that they were given seats at the front of the economy section previously used by the crew, which are now free, saying they will inform the company about the inconvenience.

A week without news, the woman herself complained to the company, before receiving vouchers worth the equivalent of $160 per person: “an unacceptable amount, according to The Independent, a couple who “didn’t get the experience we paid for .”

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For its part, the airline apologized for the experience, saying that normally, passengers seated next to a service dog are notified in advance to make changes if necessary.