February 24, 2024

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My life after breast cancer

My life after breast cancer

You’ve given a good answer to someone who wondered if the new surgery on her left breast was due to the removal of her unaccustomed prosthesis and its replacement with fat taken from her abdomen. According to her, it makes it easier for her to accept her new body. I doubt it.

Why does she refuse to go to therapy to accept herself, just because her partner offers it to her? She was so lucky to have such an open man, she shouldn’t hesitate for a moment. You didn’t tell him your opinion about the interest in doing a second reconstruction, and that’s smart, because I’d say the less he plays on a once-cancerous wound, the less likely he is to awaken the beast.

I opted for a total ablation with no reconstruction. It’s been eight years and I’m still doing well. Since I didn’t have a man in my life at the time of my cancer diagnosis, you’ll tell me it was an easy decision. But the reality is that I look in the mirror morning and night and it took me a while to accept my new look. I didn’t go to therapy, although I thought about it, and if I had submitted to it I would have been back on my feet more quickly.


As I am not a doctor, although the benefits of treatment are well known, I never venture to give advice of a medical nature as I lack the skills.

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