November 30, 2023

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Quebec-Lewis Tunnel: Revolving doors at the 3rd Link Project Office

Quebec-Lewis Tunnel: Revolving doors at the 3rd Link Project Office

In five years, less than eight people took charge of 3 project officese Link, where staff turnover appears to be worth the revolving doors.

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The last person in the running left his post last spring after abandoning the highway component of the Quebec-Lévis tunnel project, a document obtained under the Access to Documents Act reveals.

At the request of our Parliamentary Office, the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility (MTQ) created a table that provides a portrait of the comings and goings in the management of the Quebec-Lewis Tunnel project from its conception to today.

6 different leaders under CAQ

Since Francois Legault came to power, six different people have succeeded each other in trying to fulfill the CAQ’s core commitment.

Keep in mind that over time, the project has undergone several transformations, from a tunnel east of the city center to the city center, the first version of which required the largest tunnel boring machine ever built, to a scaled-down version. Exclusion of roads in favor of public transport.

In November 2018, François Bonnardel, then Minister of Transport, created an office specifically dedicated to the Quebec-Lévis tunnel and the new Île d’Orléans bridge projects. Its management was entrusted to Frédéric Pellerin.

The latter held the post until he was promoted to deputy minister. Dale Robinson took over for a year, followed by two other men for a few months.

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Danny Hubert took over when Deputy Prime Minister Genevieve Guilbault published all the studies since the creation of the Project Office in the spring. Mr Hubert has been replaced on an interim basis, from mid-May, by a professional from MTQ.

MTQ spokesman, Nicolas Vigneault, clarified that Mr. Hubert, in fact, is still responsible for the general management of major road projects in the Quebec metropolitan area, but that, like the tunnel project, “interpreted as a public transport project. “, it is no longer under its responsibility, because it is no longer a road project.

Many changes

The man, who first took office in June 2017 when Philippe Couillard’s Liberal government established the Project Office, made headlines because of his long activist past.

Stéphane Dallaire, a former PLQ candidate in Janquier (1994), who became successively chief of staff, civil servant, and then manager in the Ministry of Transport, notably worked on preparing the first call for tenders for a feasibility study from 3.e Link.

A second opposition member at the time, CAQ member Eric Caire Couillard, criticized the government for handing over the project office to a “liberal friend”.

A few months after his appointment, Mr. Dallaire was replaced by Richard Charpentier, a veteran engineer who had been with MTQ since 1985. Now retired, the latter also assumed general management responsibilities for all major road projects in the Quebec metropolitan area. .

There is no comment

The Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Genevieve Guilbault, has not yet specified the route or the costs of her tunnel project dedicated to public transport, 3 refusing to comment on the turnover observed in the management of the project office.e Link.

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Arrivals and departures under the administration of the Quebec-Lewis Tunnel Project Office since its creation

  • From June 2017 to January 2018: Stephane Dallaire
  • From January to November 2018: Richard Carpenter
  • November 2018 to June 2021: Frederic Pellerin
  • From June 2021 to August 2022: Dale Robinson (resigned)
  • From August to September 2022: Melanie Saint-Cyr, temp
  • October 2022 to February 2023: Steve Saint-Laurent, temp
  • February to May 2023: Danny Hubert, temp
  • From May 15, 2023: Alain Lanout, took charge on an interim basis

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