November 30, 2023

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In Mission, Mayor Marchand “is never where he should be”

In Mission, Mayor Marchand "is never where he should be"

“It’s time for him to go to the United States,” official opposition leader Claude Villeneuve said.

Mayor Bruno Marchand is in full preparation for a new mission abroad from October 6 to 15. For the fourth time in many missions since coming to the head of Quebec City, he will visit European cities.

The decision was unanimously criticized by the two main opposition parties at Quebec City Hall.

“This week, half of the Quebec government, Mayor Valérie Plante and many of the financial players in Quebec’s energy transition are in New York. The mayor said he would take care of the environment in New York this week. This is where the mayor should be,” said Claude Villeneuve.

He ruled that such a mission with a “major” financial partner could be carried out in a “low-cost” and “lightning” manner.

In New York, decision-makers gathered to discuss the fight against climate change and sustainable finance, in particular, on this occasion. weather week.

“The mayor is going to cycle to Europe, not among our closest neighbors, where it counts. His choice of mission shows that he is far removed from citizens’ concerns,” added Mr. Villeneuve.

“In the end, the mayor is not always where he should be. »

Claude Villeneuve, leader of the official opposition

His colleague Stevens Melancon, who was elected in the second opposition party, shared this view. The missed appointment in New York, according to him, was “necessary” for the national capital.

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“I don’t know if there is a position in Europe that he wants,” laughs the municipal councilor of Chute-Montmorency-Seigneurial. I realized that we were not in the right place at the right time. »

In his view, Mayor Marchand would benefit from traveling to a place other than the Old Continent to get ideas for Quebec City’s biggest project.

“I wouldn’t even send it to Ottawa or Boulder, Colorado,” suggested Mr. Melancon, citing the failures and successes of these cities where structured public transit networks have been developed.

Stevens Melancon, Chute-Montmorency Municipal Councilor-Seigneurial

Mayor Marchand began participating in missions less than a year ago, the first of which was in November 2022, when he went to France and Tunisia.

“He does too many missions,” criticized Stevens Melanchoce. Bruno Marchand is committed to organizing three or four a year, though he could do more, he explained.

His predecessor, Regis Labeaume, was involved in nearly fifty missions outside Quebec during his 14-year reign as mayor of Quebec.

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