November 30, 2023

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Problems at SAAQ: $6,000 taken… by mistake

Problems at SAAQ: $6,000 taken... by mistake

In recent months many consumers have seen SAAQ deduct excess amount from their bank accounts. One of them also had the unpleasant surprise of withdrawing nearly $6,000 by mistake.

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Last February, Martin Vincent handed over his credit card to a Tesla dealership to pay for the registration and transfer of his new car. The closure of SAAQ offices to implement the SAAQclic system delayed the transaction for two weeks. Amount Needed: About $70.

“A week and a half later, I look at my bank account and I have $5,924 through SAAQ,” said Mr. Vincent said in an interview. So he quickly contacted his bank to cancel the payment.

“Two months later, I got an email from SAAQ saying I still owed them $5,924 and I had to pay,” he continues.

After several attempts, an employee explained to him over the phone that it was QST, which he had already paid at the dealership.

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Martin Vincent informed the employee that he did not intend to pay this amount which had already been paid. “I went to my SAAQclic account every week and then, at some point, it disappeared,” he says.

But another disaster awaited him: due to an attendant error in another transaction, his motorcycle license had expired. Efforts have been made since May to improve the situation but to no avail. “I completely missed my summer,” he lamented.

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Other cases

Several readers contacted Lay Journal after our report published on Tuesday on the setbacks faced by SAAQ users. Minister Eric Kair also noted that problems with the SAAQclic platform continued. “Of course, there are still problems,” he told Salon Blue.

Normally, Gaétan Therrien pays the registration of his 10-wheeler truck monthly. Needless to say, the $1,200 bill this year is huge. “But there, they took it all at once,” he remarked last June.

After three weeks of having to store his truck, he eventually had to wait three months to repay the overpayment, he said.

Another reader, who wished to remain anonymous, described being charged an extra $450 by mistake while paying taxes on his new motorcycle. After several steps, and a two-month wait, he finally got a refund by going to the branch. We finally pay him back… $654!

“SAAQ owes me money from another transaction and I don’t know it! », he explains still surprisingly.

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Conditions have been corrected

At SAAQ, a representative Mr. Vincent admitted the situation was “one of February’s problems during transactions at the dealership.” “These conditions have been corrected,” assured Gino Desrosiers.

“As mentioned in August, there are still situations that have been identified and will be addressed in the coming weeks regarding the return to normality. The files of the affected customers will then be rectified,” he assured.

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