November 30, 2023

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Snacker’s Confession: “Joining Costco Was the Worst Decision I Ever Made”

Snacker's Confession: "Joining Costco Was the Worst Decision I Ever Made"

Costco may be one of the most popular brands in North America for the deep discounts it offers its customers, but one woman had the complete opposite experience, as her subscription led to new costs that were out of control.

In an article written for Insider, Sarra Sedghi described her experience at Costco, complaining that her efforts to save money instead resulted in her wasting her hard-earned money and turned her into an “impulsive shopper” and a big “snack consumer.”

“First, being able to buy in bulk helped me plan and stock up on supplies and personal hygiene items like toilet paper,” she writes.

However, she quickly became overwhelmed with bulk purchases and didn’t even know where to put them.

“I often grab something because I think it’s good to have it on hand, but I never use it,” she admits.

“I still haven’t used the big pack of canned tomatoes I bought in 2022 and the jar of capers from the warehouse is still three-quarters full,” she recounts.

She lamented that her household of two could not use up the stock of food purchased quickly, ultimately leading to losses and waste.

Ms Sedghi, who works from home, also struggled to manage her new access to several snacks.

“Large portions and boredom are often the perfect combination for mindless snacking,” she says.

“My worst crime is buying back the huge bag of Halloween candy I bought in September because we ate it before October 31,” she says.

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