November 30, 2023

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Criminal harassment: A pilot uses his plane to chase his victim out of the sky

Criminal harassment: A pilot uses his plane to chase his victim out of the sky

A 65-year-old pilot from New Hampshire has been forced to stop flying after stalking a New Yorker and sending photos of her and her yard taken from the sky over four years.

“He’s scaring us. He’s flying so close to home, he’s going to fly. It’s a nightmare that won’t stop,” Cassie Wiluz lamented to the “New York Post” earlier this year.

Police told media that Michael Arnold, 65, was handcuffed Tuesday while en route to a Vermont airport where he parked his Cessna 180 and was formally charged with assault.

Since May, the sixty-year-old has been “subject to a temporary protective order that prevents him from flying any aircraft while the order is in effect,” Bennington Police Chief Paul Doucette told the “NY Post.”

The pilot appeared on Wednesday, insisting to the media that it was just a “misunderstanding”.

“I am not interested in this woman. I love flying over the city and taking photos for the community pages. […] I went to his restaurant a few years ago. That’s it. She is crazy. She wants [d’aide en] Mental health,” he told media at the scene.

According to what the woman had previously said, the problems with the sixty-year-old began more than four years after they met at his restaurant.

The man first sent her pictures of him half-naked in bed, the sky in his backyard, his swimming pool, before sending her photos of her, her family and other relatives, according to the “Times-Union”.

Several times a week, his family is also woken up in the early hours by a plane that drops so low that it rattles the windows and doors.

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According to American media, the pilot threw tomatoes in his garden on one occasion, after the woman accused him of murdering her father, who died in a fire in 2017.

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