November 30, 2023

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François Legault prepared for the failure of negotiations with state employees

François Legault prepared for the failure of negotiations with state employees

Common Front Unions (APTS, CSN, CSQ and FTQ) hold their meetings to get orders for an unlimited general strike. They reported massive participation from their members with more than 90% strike votes.

The Prime Minister’s announcement that “not everyone will have a blue Labatt” did not dampen the spirits of union members. They’re used to this line because, in the 2000s, they were told that “not everyone can have Molson.”

Beer isn’t what union members want. Above all, they need conditions that allow them to live up to the value of their work and provide adequate services to the population.

Quebec state employees are not tough people, contrary to what CAQ ministers, employers’ associations and many analysts would have you believe. In fact, they are considered worst in light of comparable jobs in other sectors.

Total compensation

Contrary to what some people suggest, Quebec government employees are at the bottom of the pack in terms of total compensation (salary and social benefits) according to the Institut de la Tourisme du Quebec.

Pension schemes do not become secret looted gold mines. The employee contributes directly to the fund and the employer pays an equal share without giving it directly as salary. In other words, employees pay for their retirement at a lower cost than in the private sector or other public functions such as municipalities or other provinces.

Eternity, seen by some as another gold mine, is far from the value attributed to it in these times of labor shortage. It does not exempt you from employable skills. The same should be said in the case of seniority.

The Quebec government is struggling to recruit because it has become less competitive. Employees double their pay by leaving and joining other companies.

Management of caquis, with loss of expertise makes the state more dependent on private agencies. Let’s think about the computer chaos in government hospitals over the years.

Dispelling misconceptions

Legault, LeBel, Dubé and Drainville realize that it is counterproductive to maintain negative biases against their employees.

Ministers will benefit by taking a step forward in the development of state personnel to attract the best prospects and build an efficient state that is not at the mercy of financial oligarchs.

Subsequent governments were not used to honest negotiations. Mr. Legault wants to hear. He has a great opportunity to do this with his employees to change the course of history!

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