November 30, 2023

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The Homelessness Crisis: Building Tiny Houses, the Solution?

The Homelessness Crisis: Building Tiny Houses, the Solution?

Traveler populations will be forced to “adapt” after more than 4,000 illegal camps are demolished in 2023.

“It’s a shame, it’s sad. The homeless community adjusts and spreads almost everywhere on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge and on private land owned by federal or provincial authorities, which makes it very difficult to identify them and help them,” said Luc Desjardins, director general of L’Itinéraire. Community group.

According to the expert, shelters are overcrowded, housing shortages, post-pandemic effects and migration are the main reasons that keep people homeless.

“It’s predictable,” said Mr. Desjardins believes, he says, that demand is growing faster than supply.

According to him, the construction of tiny houses could be a solution to the homeless crisis facing Quebec.

“In Canada, there are groups. In Medicine Hat, Alberta, we’ve found solutions, and in Fredericton, there’s a small community of tiny houses and it works very well,” he says.

“It needs leadership, everyone has to work together and it also takes money” and “it’s always a battle” between different government officials, says L’Itinéraire’s CEO.

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