November 29, 2023

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Saguenay sued the engineering firm for $3 million

Saguenay sued the engineering firm for $3 million

The expansion and renovation of the Bagotville Airport terminal led to a major legal action, and Sagune demanded more than $3 million from the engineering firm that was awarded the contract for plans and specifications, Norda Stelo, which failed to complete its mandate.

Saguenay said the cancellation “without reasons” delayed the project and caused significant cost overruns. The cost of materials has actually experienced a major increase during the period covered.

Norda Stelow, formerly Roche, was selected in 2014 to draw up the plans and specifications for the expansion of the civil airport. However, the project was delayed due to waiting for concessions. The contract was suspended in 2016, but it was reactivated in 2019 after being granted a subsidy from Quebec for the expansion project.

The City and Norda agreed to adjust the fees and schedule in Ste. However, during his tenure, Norda requested fee adjustments three times in Ste. Instead of the anticipated $400,000, the contract was nearly doubled.

In April 2020, Norda transmitted plans to Saguenay in Ste. The city ruled they were incomplete and needed structural, electrical and mechanical fixes. Unable to start construction. The firm therefore chose to unilaterally withdraw from the contract and Saguenay had to return to calls for tender.

Another $677,000 mandate was awarded to Unijec and construction began on January 15, 2021. Saguenay estimates a 246-day delay, which will also result in increased costs.

Materials increased by 12% during that time, and the city alleges Norda canceled the contract for about $2.7 million in additional costs for the work.

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The total claim of just over $3 million includes the costs of hiring a new engineering firm.

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