November 30, 2023

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Convicted landlord: She evicted a family and replaced it with Airbnb

Convicted landlord: She evicted a family and replaced it with Airbnb

A Longueuil landlord who claimed severance was ordered to pay $7,000 to her former tenants, which she now rents for $600 a night on Airbnb.

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“I felt like she was smiling at me. I felt so humbled to be re-renting the accommodation so quickly,” said tenant Nathalie Beauregard. Newspaper.

She and her partner Francois L’Allier, aged 58, were forced to leave their five-room apartment in Longueuil in June 2022. Their boss, Yu Jin, pretends to take over their house to move in with his partner.

Picture of owner Yu Jin, who was convicted of bad faith repossession this month.

Photo taken from Jindavina’s Instagram

“The court judges found that the tenants were targeted because of the landlord’s bad faith recovery and that this bad faith recovery caused them damages,” Judge Robin-Marshall Guay ruled in an October decision. 5 Administrative Housing Tribunal (TAL).

“Alleged Breakup”

In this legal document, we learn that Yoo Jin broke up with his partner in 2022 and these circumstances prevented his move.

“In this case, the landlord has not convinced the court of the existence of personal circumstances that prevent her from reclaiming the accommodation from July 2022. She was allegedly separated from her spouse at that time […] not a serious reason for obstruction,” the court said.

The judge also noted that Nathalie Beauregard and Francois L’Allier paid $925 a month for the accommodation in question. After they left, Yu Jin tried to double the $1,800 monthly rent for their apartment.

“It seems clear to us that the landlord used the pretext of taking possession of the accommodation for himself to obtain the departure of the tenants,” we read in the decision. […] There is no doubt on the tenant’s part the motivation to significantly increase the monthly income provided by the accommodation in question.

A family has been evicted from a building in Longueuil and replaced by an Airbnb.  In Mortise, owner Yu Jin was ordered to pay her tenants $7,000 this month.

Sign in installed by the owner to rent the apartment from his former tenants. It will be posted in June 2022, the same month the tenants were evicted.

Evidence submitted to TAL

Honorable Robin-Marshall Guay finally Mme Jean also ordered Nathalie Beauregard and Françoise L’Allier to pay $6,900 in damages.

“They had to find new accommodation in a context of housing shortages and rent prices far above what they could pay, which left everyone feeling extremely stressed, tired and anxious. This is without considering the fact that they have had to change neighborhoods and lose access to local shops,” he explained.

$600 a night on Airbnb

When contacted on the matter, the employer denied being in bad faith and confirmed that she was considering her options.

“It’s really unfair,” said Mme Jin insisted the couple had already been given $2,000 to compensate them for their move in June 2022.

The Newspaper Nathalie Beauregard and François L’Allier’s former apartment is also found to rent for $597 a night on the Airbnb platform. The owner claimed she was paying the agent who rented her property on the platform, but refused to give further details.

“That doesn’t surprise us about her,” sighed Beauregard, looking at the ad online. We hope to get our money back which we are still waiting for. We are still very bitter about it all. It’s a lot of time and energy for all these processes.”

To read this judgment, consult the document below:

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