November 30, 2023

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$5M Jackpot: After 10 Years of Buying Tickets, Team of Co-Workers Finally Win

$5M Jackpot: After 10 Years of Buying Tickets, Team of Co-Workers Finally Win

A team of 28 co-workers who worked together for 10 years to buy 6/49 tickets each week finally won the $5 million jackpot. And no, they don’t all go on vacation at the same time.

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“When I saw the ticket, I said to myself: ‘I’m wrong, I’m wrong,’ but after 20 times, I saw that I had six winning numbers,” said a feverish Diane Morneau.

In 2013, an accounts payable clerk at Polytechnique Montreal created a group with his colleagues from the finance department to play the lottery.

Initially, around ten people joined together in a “Didi Group” to buy a Lotto 6/49 ticket every week.

28 people won the draw held on September 20. They split the jackpot equally at $178,571 each.

“Go go go!”

“Five million alone, I don’t know if I’ll take it… But at 28, it’s great,” enthused Olivier Saint-Germain-Lavoie, deputy director of finance.

The day after the lucky draw, he was on holiday in Greece. “My phone kept ringing and I ignored the calls,” he says with a laugh.

He thought it was a joke, until he showed the coupon on camera.

“It was frenetic at work. […] We still have a bit of work to do, but it’s easier,” laughs Caroline Sue, who has been in the Didi group since the beginning.

Until now, the group has only earned small amounts of $26, $46, $300 or $400 a year, which allowed them to not contribute in January and February.

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“I always say “go, go, go, we’re going to win”, I have hope”, underlines Mme Morno, we nicknamed “Didi”.


If her share of the money in her retirement plans doesn’t change at all, in two years, she plans to take a few more trips — to Quebec.

In 10 years, Diane Morneau has never been discouraged from winning.

Photo by Anouk Lebel

“I will help my children a little bit,” insists Alain Racine, head of reparations. With the rising cost of living, the amount will be used to smooth his retirement.

Caroline Sue takes the opportunity to take on outdoor redevelopment projects and goes on a trip to Portugal.

“Travels, trips, trips,” says Olivier Saint-Germain-Lavoie, who can’t wait to show the dealer his check for his new car.

One thing is for sure, the group intends to continue playing the lottery. “We’re going to be 28 years old, we won’t accept anyone anymore!” However, the popular Didi warns.

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