November 30, 2023

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Marilou Bourdon, Guest Director | Press

Marilou Bourdon, Guest Director |  Press

Entrepreneur Marilou is famous for her three times a day, her recipes and her songs. A guest director of the Business section, she entrusted our journalists and columnists with an aim to answer her entrepreneurial questions.

Marilou Bass

Photo by Martin Tremblay, The Press

We know her recipes and her songs, but Marilou is first and foremost a businesswoman. In the first of these three articles, we find a word from Business Department Director Jean-Francois Coder, a column by Francis Vielles, as well as a post from our guest director.

Bonus: instructions for use

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Gone are the days when only senior executives got annual bonuses. Bonus programs work, experts note, so more companies have one. Rushing towards new trends.

Text messages, an effective marketing tool?

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Offers of 20% off quotes or invitations to 24-hour “flash” sales that consumers receive in abundance in their email inbox will soon come directly to their phone in the form of text messages, a more effective promotional tool, say experts interviewed.

Chronicle by Marie-Eve Fournier: Retirement without falling into a void

Photo courtesy of ARC’TERYX

How to Sell Your Business and Retire Without Feeling Like You’re Going Into a Void?

Marilou is young and it’s clear that she loves building her business, but that doesn’t stop her from having the smarts to plan for the future. After that three times a day. As she contemplates her retirement, she wonders if she can escape that feeling of falling into the void she’s heard so many times.

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Seven characteristics of an entrepreneur

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In business, you may have graduated from a prestigious business or management school, but there are certain traits that go beyond pure intellectual ability that distinguish the best entrepreneurs — possess them in whole or in part.

Taking over a family SME: necessary, but not easy…

Photo by Martin Tremblay, The Press

Yannick Peloquin, President of Gicleurs Acme

Entrepreneurial Quebec family-owned SMEs are experiencing a stream of intergenerational transfers of management and ownership.

Three women dealers met

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Three women run car dealerships. They had to overcome themselves in their place. We brought them together to discuss their journey.

Starting businesses: Young people are forced to move quickly

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“Young people starting a business today have no choice but to want to move quickly. And faster than ever, because the world is changing faster,” says David Nault, founder and managing partner at Loose Capital, a Montreal venture capital fund.

Philanthropic Marketing: Who Monitors Corporate Promises

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“A recent study shows that the public has less and less confidence in companies’ environmental representations,” asserts Julien Beaulieu, a lawyer lecturer at the University of Sherbrooke.

Your company’s competitor brags about sharing its profits with a charity. On Facebook, users praise his generosity and invite people to support him. But is he telling the truth? Who should you complain to if you have doubts about the authenticity of your altruism?

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