November 30, 2023

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Lotto Max: Small dreams for a huge jackpot

Lotto Max: Small dreams for a huge jackpot

It’s hard to fathom that a retired couple from Estrie just won $55 million in Lotto-Max, but they’re planning to make simple dreams come true.

“I went to check the ticket and it said 55 million, but I didn’t believe it,” Jean Larocque, who won the jackpot in the Halloween draw, explained at a press conference Monday.

The retired man, who lives in Coaticook, rushed to see his partner, who was making Scottish oatmeal cookies, to tell them they had won the jackpot, he said. But the latter is also hard to believe in a man known as a great joker.

Catherine Ennis and Jean Larocque, of Coticook, Eastry, won $55 million on Halloween in the Oct. 31 draw.

Photo provided by Loto-Québec

Catherine Ennis and Jean Larocque, of Coticook, Eastry, won $55 million on Halloween in the Oct. 31 draw.

“He turned a little white, started shaking and sweating, so I wondered what was going on and we checked the ticket at least four times,” added his partner Catherine Ennis. Last 40 years.

And to make sure he didn’t lose his prized ticket, the big winner slept with it too.

“I’ve checked several times that it’s still there,” he admits, giddy when he thinks about the size of the gain.

“We hope it won’t change our lives too much,” said Mme Ennis.


Keep it simple

The couple, who own a dental clinic, admitted that they hadn’t slept or eaten much in the past few days. After some thought, he decided to lead a normal life.

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“We’ve never made a purchase without thinking about it for a few weeks,” says the new multimillionaire, who occasionally tries his luck in the lottery.

“We’ve always had one car, so we thought we might buy a second one. But we’re not sure yet,” his wife said.

Above all, the couple plans to make their loved ones happy and donate to the organizations they have already targeted. However, they preferred not to say who would receive the donation.

to fish

And to celebrate this jackpot, Mr LaRocque is planning to spend a few days with his feet in the water of a river in Scotland, where the waterways are so beautiful.

“I’m going to go fly fishing. I got this introduction when I started retirement three years ago. I haven’t caught a trout yet, which tells you how lucky I am,” he says with a laugh.

The latter has already consulted a financial planner to avoid being overwhelmed.

“Everything is organized, it’s fun, I don’t have to think about it anymore,” Mr. Larocque said.

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