November 30, 2023

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Tip at Self-Service Checkout: “Out of Control” Culture

Tip at Self-Service Checkout: "Out of Control" Culture

A small business customer at an American airport has lashed out at her tipping problem in a video that has gone viral.

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The extract, which has already received more than 10 million views on the social network TikTok, has sparked a debate on tipping culture in North America.

When she bought a bottle of water for $2.75 Canadian, the self-service cash register offered to tip, which she declined.

The woman even had to write her name to complete the order.

In the comments below the publication, responses from internet users have multiplied, calling for a review of the concept of tipping in the country.

“The culture of tipping is out of hand. The only places I tip are restaurants,” said one user.

“It’s so confusing, I don’t feel sorry for leaving anyone behind anymore,” said one internet user.

“As long as no one serves you food and drink, don’t worry,” said another person.

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