November 29, 2023

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Shortage of Engineers: “We Can’t Service Hydro”

Shortage of Engineers: “We Can't Service Hydro”

“Once, five or six firms used to bid for a project. Today, there are often only two of us or we are alone,” warns Bruno Del Degon, head of a major consulting engineering firm that struggles to have enough engineers for our major projects.

“In certain hydroelectric projects, we cannot provide a service to Hydro to fulfill certain tasks or functions,” shared Bruno Del Degon, General Manager and Major Shareholder of DDM Group.

“For example, we go to see Hydro and tell them: “For this project, we don’t have the capacity to handle it,” said the trained engineer, who will take about twenty engineers tomorrow morning to respond to the surge. demand.

Hydraulic, Structural or Environmental Engineers… The company is currently in need of help The Legault government multiplies major announcements of mega-factories in the battery sector, Not to mention Hydro-Québec’s ambitious growth plan.

last week, News magazine The Order of Engineers of Quebec (OIQ) reports that more than 52,000 engineering professionals will be needed in the next ten years. Monday, News magazine It revealed that there is a rush for fast paid training in construction.

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Buildings on ice

On Tuesday, a major HR-readiness meeting held by a dozen workforce committees in Drummondville, the labor shortage was on everyone’s lips because it has now completely compromised major projects.

“Many developers in the Quebec region have approached us so that we can design the buildings they want to build, but we don’t have the staff to do it,” indicated Bruno del Degon, head of Quebec. An 80-person firm with offices in Montreal.

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When presenting his action plan, the CEO of Hydro-Québec has already put his finger on this critical issue, which risks spoiling the party.

“Until 2035, an average of around 35,000 construction workers will need to be involved in the expansion of new infrastructure. Their recruitment will be a huge challenge,” warned the Hydro big boss.

The situation is the same in cities

at newspaper, Bruno del Degon also notes that the wear and tear of municipal infrastructure is considered extreme. Aqueducts and sewers need a lot of love.

“We have to draw or project what needs to be replaced, but even here we have little drawing capacity,” he explained.

According to Bruno Del Degane, teams will be overworked for the next ten years.

“A lot of work is behind schedule and some have to be done within a certain timetable,” the man concluded.

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