March 1, 2024

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The airline has started weighing its passengers while boarding

The airline has started weighing its passengers while boarding

European airline Finnair recently launched a pilot project in which volunteer passengers are weighed before boarding.

The test, conducted at Finland's Helsinki Airport, aims to give the airline a better idea of ​​the actual weight of its aircraft once passengers board.

Generally, a carrier calculates the total weight of its passengers using averages provided by civil aviation authorities.

However, passenger weight provides more accurate data, which is used to calculate the total weight of the aircraft and on it. This information affects where passengers can sit and sometimes how many people can sit on the plane.

Pilot project volunteers were weighed with their carry-on baggage, but each weight was not linked to the person who stepped on the scale.

These weights are therefore conducted anonymously, explained Finner's vice president of communications, Pivit Talqvist.

Weights in winter and summer

At the launch of the pilot project on Monday, around 800 volunteers agreed to weigh in. The airline admits it was surprised by the number of people who did the exercise.

The Finnish carrier expects to weigh 1,200 people by the end of winter and even more in summer.

Finnair intends to collect specific data for each of these two seasons, as the total weight of passengers and their luggage can vary significantly. In winter, travelers usually wear heavy clothing.

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