May 22, 2022

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The men’s curling event stopped after the player received a notification on the COVID warning app

The men’s playoff round at Curling BoneSpeel was canceled on Sunday after a player received a notification from the COVID warning app.

The app notifies them when they consult with those who tested positive for COVID-19.

Gerry Guerts, manager of Sto Cells Oakville Tankard, said all participants needed to download the app before the competition to provide an “extra layer of security for players”. “Although no player tested positive, we were warned in their COVID warning app that they were associated with a positive case,” Guerts said in a statement. “Under the protocols, this player auto-separates, and the entire team receives a test to make sure there is no spread.”

Specifications on the exact time of notification and who received it have not been released.

The competition was one of the first major bone marrow transplants of the season. There are some famous rinks on the 24-team field.

2014 Olympic champion Brad Jacobs is scheduled to play Jason Com in the semifinal play on Sunday afternoon at the KW Granite Club.

“We agree that this is the right decision for the safety of everyone involved,” Team Jacobs said in a Twitter post.

Rob Ainsley is set to meet Robert Desjardins in the other semifinals. The men’s consolation final between Greg Inglis and Sam Steep was also canceled.

“It’s sadder but safer to watch the final of the good men’s today,” said event sponsor Stu Sankey, who sponsored the event online. “So we have protocols, so we jump on it. I think this is the right call.”

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Curling is slowly re-starting the game worldwide during the season in Flux due to the global epidemic. With the 2021 competition many top events have been temporarily postponed or canceled.

Stoos Oakville Tankard usually draws the top international field.

This year’s competition, however, moved to Waterloo, as the regular Oakville host club did not reopen, limited to domestic competitors with more players from Ontario.

Sunkey said in a text that the women’s playoffs went ahead as scheduled on Sunday as women did not play like men in the first two days of the competition.

There was a draw on Sunday morning where the men and women played at the same time, but they were very sheets apart.

In the final, Jennifer Jones defeated Holly Duncan 8-7 in the extra end. Kathy Wild defeated Emma Wallingford 7-3 in the consolation final.

The Return 10,000 competition included several return-to-play protocols that hosted a mixed doubles event a week earlier.

All stone handles were cleaned before each draw and distance and platform capacity rules were enforced.

Players arrived in their uniforms to minimize locker-room interaction. Warm-ups took place in the parking lot or view lounge and the teams reached the ice in stages.

Curlers are masked, but the covering can be reduced when throwing or wiping on an early day on Friday. Sanke said he adjusted the rule on Saturday that the use of a mask is mandatory anytime on the ice.

To help with the distance, two players followed the rock under the ice, but only one was able to clear it.

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The house was placed in the area of ​​the skip rings under control but did not intend to suppress the broom. Waiting through other skip boards.

The Frisbee-sized logos on the ice serve as designated waiting areas for players when the opposing team throws stones.

Another 24-team event, Sto Cells Toronto Tankard is scheduled to play at the same club from October 9-12.

This report of the Canadian Press was first published on October 4, 2020.

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