December 5, 2023

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When does season 6 end? Bottle pass extended to December – HITC

When does season 6 end?  Bottle pass extended to December - HITC

Black Ops Cold War is the latest installment in a never-ending Call of Duty series, and people are going back and forth about it. Is it better than modern warfare. Although the judgment between the good and the bad is purely subjective, many people are still asking: When will Warson Season 6 end? Here you will find out when the Modern Warfare and Warszone Season 6 Bottle Pass will be extended to December.

Newcastle recently got to the Black Ops Cold War via the 1984 map, and is fine Easter egg for players to unlock By nostalgia. While the arrival of the Newketown map is exciting for many, Black Ops Cold War players have a lot to look forward to in the very near future.

However, far from discussing what Call of Duty fans can look forward to with the newest installment, you will find out when Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 will end after the Bottle Pass extension.

When will Season 6 of Modern Warfare and Warzone end?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 ends on December 7 at 23:00 p.m.

That means Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 will also end on December 8 at 02:00 ET and 07:00 GMT.

With the extension of the Battle Pass remaining until the hours mentioned above, players will have only a 48-hour wait until the Battle Royale title turns into Black Ops Cold War.

Black One Cold War and Warson will be fully tied for Season One on December 10th.

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When Black Ops Cold War and Warzone come together for Season One, fans can share progress on both the titles and Modern Warfare.

What happens with Modern Warfare is that the main multiplayer VFX artist in Infinity Ward says more content is coming on Twitter (via Charlie Intel).

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