May 24, 2022

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Virtual education, hostage to technology

Virtual education, hostage to technology

Not everyone in the Shavinigan area of ​​Mauritius has access to high-speed internet. Returning to school in normal detention and in virtual mode poses significant challenges for many.

Mary-Pierre Blaise, a Saint-Boniface citizen and mother of three, has to rely on her cell phone data to stay in school. Furthermore, for more than $ 300 per month, data is limited. After the plan expires, she has to switch to a lower speed and forget about group meetings on different platforms.

Mrs. Blaise is far from an exception. The Energy School Services Center serves approximately 9,500 students, of which 600 to 700 have no high-speed Internet access, or even Internet access. It causes the inability to do proper research and produces a need to pay someone to write a paper to make the assignment before the deadline.

To address infrastructure deficiencies, school authorities plan to set up WiFi terminals at various schools, as well as provide computer equipment to parents, allowing everyone to download documents and educational materials if the situation allows. It ordered.

If internet access remains a challenge, computer equipment will suffice to help each student return home with the necessary equipment. School officials were also there to make sure everyone knew about virtual education platforms.

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