December 4, 2022

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Nancy Pelosi Fighter | The Journal of Montreal

Nancy Pelosi Fighter |  The Journal of Montreal

Enmity of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Donald Trump. The 80-year-old Catholic is trying to oust Italian-American President Trump, whom she described as “crazy, unbalanced and dangerous.”

Donald Trump is the best manipulator, despite his forgetfulness. He does not seduce, he suffers. It does not provoke praise, it evokes fear.

He clearly realized that his contempt for Nancy Pelosi was less than the contempt she felt for herself. Nancy Pelosi was able to distinguish between the powerful Trump and his presidency, who applied for decontamination and disrespect during his tenure.


After an almost heated Tate-a-Tate in the White House between President Trump and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, journalists rushed to collect what many call the most powerful woman in their country. “I raised five children. This is not Donald Trump that impresses me, ”she said.

Last week we saw unbearable images of hordes attacking the Capitol. One of the rebels attacked Madame Pelosi’s office and sat on her desk with her legs in her chair, insulting her. It is now known that some rebels in the halls and stairs of this temple of the American government defecated and expanded their excrement. A way to uphold democracy.

Nancy Pelosi, unlike many American politicians, is a fearless woman. She is one of the few who has been challenged face to face since Donald Trump came into politics. The few Americans who rubbed shoulders with Trump achieved such a feat. If she could get rid of him, it would confirm what the rumor is in Washington: that this woman has golden balls.

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