December 4, 2023

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New start for Patrick Line

New start for Patrick Line

Like Pierre-Luke Dubois, Patrick Line also wanted a fresh start and his wish was granted on Saturday.

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Maverick openly stated his desire to take on the increased responsibilities in Winnipeg and to make greater use of it in the first line, Mark Skyfile. In October, his agent, Mike Liut, suggested that a deal was the best option for both parties.

“Winnipeg may not be the right environment for me and the team. There are so many in-depth and very good players and for me and the team, it’s time to turn the page. Said.

Maurice takes the blame

Jets head coach Paul Morris is experiencing mixed feelings towards him. Pierre-Luke was happy to be able to count a player of Dubois’ caliber, but he could not help but create a comfortable atmosphere for the line in Winnipeg.

“It’s my fault,” he admitted. My job is to create an atmosphere where every player seems to be given a chance. When Patrick came here and we saw him work as hard as he did, we tried to keep going in this vein. We tried to get Patrick to a position where he liked the players he played for and we thought it would give him a chance to perform. We are of the opinion that there is progress at this level. “

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Emotional Ehlers

Line was with the Jets when he learned of the trade on Saturday. So he took the time to say hello to everyone before leaving, including his good friend Nicolas Ehlers.

He was also emotional when he appeared in front of members of the media on Saturday morning a few hours after the exchange.

“We are brothers from day one. I was in my second season in Winnipeg when Patrick arrived. It’s not fun, but it’s part of the reality of hockey. He was my roommate on the road. I will miss him, ”he said.

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