November 27, 2022

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Once again, Ottawa says no to Quebec

Once again, Ottawa says no to Quebec

Despite a joint front with other provinces, and the context of the epidemic exacerbated the level of need, Justin Trudeau flatly rejected Quebec’s request to increase health transfers. And the Legalt government did not raise its voice.

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The provincial premiers, led by Council of Federation Franకోois Legalt, have been urging Ottawa to restore its share of health funding to 35% for two years, and now to 35% instead of 22%.

This share for Quebec amounts to $ 6 billion a year, which comes down to eliminating its structural imbalance.

This was crucial before the launch of COVID-19. The Legalt government had to hire about 10,000 beneficiary attendants and superiors in each CHSLD and create 1,500 positions as part of the agreement with the nurses.

But Justin Trudeau said no. He prefers to create a national network of daycare centers by riding the powers of the provinces. Surprisingly, he did not understand the need for these new investments in health. And, he behaves like a young man who finds the pleasures of credit, without realizing the obligation to repay.

Not only is there no limit to the gigantic accumulated deficits, it is far from a terrible necessity and can be spent profusely elsewhere. This rejection is similar to the tradition of being permanent in relation to Quebec’s demands.

When Justin closed the door at the request of a special tax report in Quebec, Franకోois Legalt insisted.

We appreciate …

After the smell of the federal budget defeat, did the Quebec finance minister hit his fist on the table? Nope. “We appreciate the increase in Canada’s health transfer,” Eric Girard said, adding that he was “not surprised” by the rejection.

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Because Justin has previously stated that there is no moving question on this issue during the epidemic. Why is it essential to create a national network of childcare centers?

In short, Minister Girard did not tear his shirt or burn his jacket. But he reiterated that the provinces would come back for the charge.

On Tuesday, Franకోois Legalt was also cowardly, even though he ordered Justin Trudeau to stop playing “Daddy” with the Provinces.


Coquista Prime Minister is happy with the compensation we have to pay. This is because, unlike other provinces that benefit from federal support, Quebec has already developed its own childcare network.

This amount will increase to 80 680 million this year and 8 1.8 billion in 2025.

But by saying “this will help us solve some part of our financial problem”, it seems to me that Mr. Legalt is around.

Logically, the increase in health transfers should be paid for first by the federal government. If Justin Trudeau wanted to create a network of daycare centers, he would pay Quebec this compensation in addition.

Liberal Andre Fortin attacked the CAQ leader, promising he would fight hard and hit the wall of indifference in Ottawa.

But his departure came upon him as if he were stepping on a rake. The previous Coilerard government was marked for softness in front of a similar maple leaf wall, the Liberals live in a glass shelter from which they can not throw stones! For Franకోois Legalt, making profits with the federal government was one of his greatest pandemic challenges.

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He has a responsibility to show that he can do his nationalist posture better than Peck at the small pieces left by Ottawa.