May 27, 2022

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Vaccination in Quebec: Vaccine-O-Bus hits the road

Vaccination in Quebec: Vaccine-O-Bus hits the road

CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale’s Vaccin-O-Bus hit the road on Monday and travels through various hotspots to deliver vaccines quickly, with a capacity of 130 people per day.

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This bus is easily recognizable by its green color and is easily spotted by the citizens at various places in the area during the summer.

“The goal is to find people who are less inclined to make an appointment, mainly our young people,” explained director Patricia McKinnon.

“We also go to hot spots in Quebec, active areas. We know that our Victoria Park is very popular, the Abraham Grounds. […] The goal is to bring the vaccine closer to the consumer, ”explained Patricia McKinnon, director of the CIUSSS de la Capital-National Vaccine Campaign.

CIUSSS announces the full vaccine-o-bus route daily on its web platforms.

Creative and gin hot

Attending the inauguration, Deputy Prime Minister Genevieve Gilbolt welcomed the event, highlighting the activism of vaccination teams in the region.

These programs make Capital-National region with the second highest vaccine coverage rate in Quebec, stressing the electorate.

I know how hard the people in Quebec work. […] We are creative, gin hot, and this morning, it’s an example of what we can do. We have accepted, we are simple, ”said M.To me Gilbolt.

Mini-clinic on wheels

On a daily basis, the vaccine-O-bus works with four people, a driver, an administrative support employee and two nurses.

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Patients have 6 seats, which allows a maximum capacity of 130 vaccines per day.

“People, after their vaccination, can sit in a chair outside for 15 minutes so that we can see, thus allowing more volume,” explained Isabelle Beaulieu, deputy director of the vaccination campaign at CIUSSS. Capital-National.

The bus, along with the traditional refrigerator, has all the administrative procedures needed to deliver proof of vaccine immediately. “It’s really a small clinic on wheels,” M.To me Beaulieu.

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