May 23, 2022

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How did Rashed Ali Almansoori Name Became Synonymous to Perfection in the World of IT

When it comes to the story of the young 30 years old gentleman born in Abudhabi, UAE few can acknowledge the obstacles the brilliant tech blogger and innovator had to overcome to be a leading name not only in the digital world but also the world of media as a reputable journalist.

Meet the man of many talents and the name and mind behind the UAE’s IT space: Rashed Ali AlMansoori.

As he continues to excel and innovate in tech world leading his country’s name high up the ranks in tech, his contributions had echoed to international publications surpassing the local press buzz he has already created over the years to be becoming a notable figure, that is an inspiration to tech enthusiasts, paving the way for them to contribute to their societies similar way the young man had managed to do.

What is incredible about this young man, is that not only he is among the leading experts in technology as a he has brilliantly surpassed the point of tech blogging to be making a mark in the tech innovation world, with his recent device named Utag.

This device idea did not come out of nowhere, his advanced knowledge, creative mind and kind nature of helping people has led him to develop this device in a short period of time, to be connecting people closer yet eliminating the need for physical contact keeping users safe during the times of pandemic.

What makes Almansoori’s story inspiring and breathtaking is that where he is today is a dream since childhood, and we all know that childhood dreams are difficult to achieve and requires a tremendous amount of passion and persistence to achieve.

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In which Almansoori’s story shows that if you have passion no matter what field it is you can create an impeccable success story and also serve your community through it as he states

“My country has given me the opportunity to grow and develop, and it is a pleasure for me to give back to my beautiful nation through the thing I love, and it is tech”.

The talented youngster not only gave back to his society, as his continuous commitment as one of the top digital creators in the Middle east has successfully benefited the whole region gaining a staggering 300,000 Instagram followers to his informative profile anticipating what is new he has to unfold.

He has successfully built one of the largest video libraries consisting of educational and entertaining videos that is well received by all ages and audience from different background as you do not need to speak Arabic to gain benefit from his remarkable work.

His passion , creativity and persistence has brought him to the top in which he aspires to create new heights of success within the fields he is involved with, making his story interesting to follow!