July 6, 2022

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Liz Cheney: The loneliness of courage

Liz Cheney: The loneliness of courage

Politicians receive endless criticism rather than praise.

Some part of the blame can actually be justified.

Much of it usually arises from a serious misunderstanding of the actual work of elected officials.

However, it does not help when a bitter and frustrated MP like Claire Samson calls his colleagues “green plants”.

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Trust me if I tell you that the vast majority of elected officers work hard until their health and that of their spouse are often at risk.

Trust me too if I tell you that in place of these elected officials who are so easy to criticize, you will make the same reactions and the same decisions ten to nine times.

That is why it seems to me that an elected officer, regardless of location, should underline it when he has the ideal behavior of courage and integrity.

January 6, 2021 The US Congressional Commission of Inquiry into Capital Storming begins to present its evidence.

She tries to show that Donald Trump did everything to invalidate and reverse the ballot result.

He lit the fuse, encouraged those who were armed and more organized than they believed, waited until their failure was apparent before asking them to withdraw from the attacking capital, and tried everything possible to mislead the verification of the results.

The expression “coup attempt” is not very strong.

Seriously, Trump and his allies are undermining the overall legitimacy of the American political system by giving credence to the strange and baseless notion that elections were stolen.

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The Republican who was elected to the Inquiry Commission, Liz Cheney co-chair, is completely alone in the party that has become a branch of Donald Trump worshipers because the elected Republicans fear that the former president will start his own pack after them and endanger them. Their re-election.

Trump and his entourage Mr.Me Cheney, who plans to run for re-election on his own, has publicly backed a man running for the Republican nomination for his Wyoming seat.

“Tonight I say to my fellow Republicans who advocate incompetence: the day will come when Donald Trump will leave, but your dignity will remain the same,” Ms.Me Cheney.

“In our country, we do not swear allegiance to any individual or political party, but to the defense of the American Constitution.”

And it would be very bad if maintaining his dignity and his oath would endanger his political life.

The sad thing is, most Republicans think the same of her, but do not dare to say so.


He is found to blame M.Me Because Cheney is a Republican, a Conservative, and quite simply because Dark Dick is Cheney’s daughter.

However, it seems to me that ideological and biased considerations no longer exist when there are fundamental questions of principle.

MMe Cheney, whatever his views on other matters, demonstrates the courage and virtue of respecting the elected office.