July 3, 2022

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The critical condition of the Pierre-Laporte bridge | Bonardell promised more consolidation work this summer

The critical condition of the Pierre-Laporte bridge |  Bonardell promised more consolidation work this summer

The Minister of Transport, Franకోois Bonnardell, considered it “unacceptable” not to be informed in advance of a report signed by two government engineers showing a “significant and rapid decrease” in the resistance of the suspension lines of the Pierre-Laporte bridge. He promised Quebec consolidation work this summer.

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Henry Ouellette-Vezina

Henry Ouellette-Vezina

In fact, the elected official said he was “aware of the existence” of the report on Tuesday before the program report was published. TrialWho first brought this mysterious case to light.

“I take the alarm engineer’s statement very seriously. I feel it is unacceptable not to have informed me earlier about this report. My Deputy Minister will bring to light the process that led to this confusion. He has already taken action, ”Mr Bonardell said in a statement on Thursday.

“An external agency will be hired to look into the process that led to these errors,” he said. “Already, the ministry is planning to replace the lines in the 15-year schedule, but we are going to accelerate the pace. It will not take 15 years, ”he said.

Photo by Hugo-Sebastian Abert, The Press

Franకోois Bonardell

Wednesday, performance Trial Radio-Canada has revealed that the suspension lines of the Pierre-Laporte Bridge have lower and lower resistance. According to a report compiled by two engineers from the Minister des Transport (MTQ), which was sent to senior managers in late April, some lines could be “given at any time”. These senior managers were aware of the situation even before the report was received.

In the report, Christian Mercier, coordinator of major structures in the Chowder-Appalaches direction for MTQ, confirmed that the report has never been accessible. “We know there is a global report on incoming work management, but we do not know if there is an emergency at home like you said. That, I do not know, ”the manager explained to the public network.

Work is scheduled for this summer

With this information in mind, Minister Bonardell made a series of commitments on Thursday, including a new phase of construction within a few weeks.

“By this summer, we are going to consolidate almost forty lines, which will deteriorate more quickly due to corrosion,” he particularly promised, as well as committing to “starting the replacement of all lines as quickly as recommended in the report”. .

Quebec, however, said it would take all means to “ensure the safety of consumers” so they should not be afraid to take the bridge at all. “I want to reassure the citizens. The department assures me that the bridge is safe at this time. […] If in doubt, do not hesitate to close it while we are working, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

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