July 17, 2024

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“180 coins I have to take from my salary”: Truckers suffer from rising fuel prices

"180 coins I have to take from my salary": Truckers suffer from rising fuel prices

Rising fuel prices will have an impact on truckers’ salaries.

Self-employed truckers are among the population most affected by rising fuel prices because a portion of their salary is deducted when filling their tank.

“60 cents per liter, which is 180 coins I have to take from my salary for driving my vehicle,” Gaton Legare of the National Association of Artisan Truckers reported on LCN. “People can work harder in those situations,” he continued.

The Ministry of Transport has promised to provide compensation to truckers who depend on fuel prices. But this compensation is so little considered by Mr. Legare that he wants it to grow.

“Right now the ministry is saying it will compensate, but there it will only compensate us from 10%. Even with his compensation, we ate 60 cents a liter in March, we ate almost 45 cents in April and despite his compensation we run the risk of 75 and 80 cents, ”Gaton Legare reported.

The psychological burden was high for these professionals who thought they had seen the end of the tunnel with the end of the epidemic, but found themselves in a precarious financial situation.

“Imagine when you’re out of the pandemic, and we’ll have to work at a loss, we’re on the verge of bankruptcy,” Trucker concluded.

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