June 7, 2023

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Stock Market Sale: Top 3 TSX stocks within the Top 10

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It’s bargain hunting time as the stock market is moving. While this is definitely not a market crash, the next big correction fear is always below the surface. With TSX Composite Index 1.5% Thursday, it feels like a good time to hit the bargain boxes.

With losses in the stock market, great opportunities come. Today, we review four great stocks that are currently selling for less than (or around) the great 10. The blend of gold, tech, marijuana and energy brings some diversity, meaning that if these stocks are bought collectively there will not be much outflow for any single industry.

Knock-down stocks with built-in growth

What can you buy with $ 10 these days? Beans are not a whole hill. You can buy a stake in a great company if you know where to look. In fact, with some companies you can buy more than one share for that money. One of the crown princes of the cannabis stockpile, Hexo Completely chewed in the last 12 months. And at share 84 0.84, Hexo now came into penny-stock territory.

Down 84% from last September, the stock is now trading at just 0.8 P / B above its book price. However, this is an improvement over the 50 0.50 sold during March sales. జ The return of marijuana Can convert hex to multibagger. The market is still pressing and may take off in the long run.

One of Canada’s greatest success stories, Black plums Still cheap stock. BlackBerry fell 5.7 percent as the TSX flip-flop at the close of investment. Although it has been a tough week for this stock – which now appears to be the strongest game in the cybersecurity space – Blackberry however is up 3% per week. The squeegee-clean balance sheet makes this TSX Tech stock longer.

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Canadian tech stocks proved resilient this week. For example, compare the 1.5% TSX compound index loss with the tech-laden NASDAQ. The next stock exchange fell 5% on Thursday, shaking investors and widening Tech stock sale.

Balance risk and reward

Vermilion Energy Not every energy investor’s cup of tea. However, any stock sells at a discount of almost 90% from its fair value and deserves another look at what kind of growth opportunities it has. Vermilion is seeing 8% annual revenue growth over the next two years. Meanwhile, its access to markets in North America, Europe and Australia makes a varied game on recovery.

Consider Kinros gold For a less-dangerous game than hydrocarbon fuels. Kinros, which was selling at 96 10.96 at the time of writing, did not make the “under 10” list. However, since it is still solid stock (and cheap), I am adding it here as a bonus. It is an underestimated growth stock with key defensive characteristics. If any stock portfolio gets a little light on the yellow metal then this gold stock should be checked with P / E with just 12.4 times return.

Growth stocks are not known to be cheap. But there are more than a few names in the TSX that fit the value with strong, long-lasting potential. We have rounded up some of them for you …

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Fool contributor Victoria Heatherington No position in any of the specified stocks. Motley Fool recommends Blackberry, Blackberry, Hexo., And Hexo.