May 23, 2024

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The last page of Professor Doncas's notebook

The last page of Professor Doncas's notebook

This page will probably be the last in my notebook.

As a secondary school teacher, I had the enormous privilege of occupying a corner Newspaper For the past eight years.

I haven't checked, but I believe I can only boast (humbly!) of having written about 200 education columns.

An unusual experience for a math teacher.

Good decision

I remember that moment well Personal Blog “Moved” at Newspaper. My first visit to their offices is forever etched in my memory.

Excited to start this new project. Anxiety about making a mistake in my professional life.

Writing is not easy. It extracts juice. But hey, let's just say I did everything I could to promote education, public schools, students and staff.

And I loved it.

an honor

My face came in News magazine Above all, it allowed me to make unforgettable encounters.

Over the years, I have exchanged countless ideas with enthusiasts around the world of education. Whether we agree or not, these people all have one thing in common: they want to improve our system.

I met courageous people who created stimulating collaborations. Committed and thoughtful professionals who dare to shake things up.

I've talked to people who are committed, but prefer to remain anonymous. Out of duty of loyalty, these people did not like to be in the limelight. They wrote me to tell their stories. This blind faith has always struck me.

thank you Newspaper Who could provide this wonderful platform to a teacher.

Naturally, many thanks to readers interested in education.

Today, I have a wish: I hope my story inspires those who still hesitate to speak publicly.

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“Speech is not to cover up the truth, but to tell it.”

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