May 23, 2022

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Despite closing the second F1 podium at Monza, the victory did not lose the ‘stings’


Lance Stroll of Racing Point held a second F1 career podium with P3 at Monza, but did not want to turn it into a victory, describing the race as a “losing mine” when Lewis Hamilton was second. Penalty for stop / go.

Failure to Pit Under Lap 20 Safety Car – Kevin Magnussen Brought To Allow Marshals To Recover Damaged Haas – Stroll Second When Throwing The Red Flag After the massive influence of Charles Lecklerk on parabolica.

After clearing the Ferrari, drivers formed on the grid to restart on Lap 28, but Stroll explained that the wheelspin prevented his escape as he immediately lost four places.

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“It’s a bit of a bummer, I think it’s mine to start from the second,” he said. “But I have … a ton of wheelspin and everyone is blown away by me.

“I had such a bad second start, I dropped back to sixth. We have to look at it – there’s no grip on that second box, I’m spinning into fourth gear – I do not know why. That kind of stinging is a bit. After the agenda, I think we have a chance to win the race of the day, but unfortunately it did not work; we are in third place, so it’s not that bad. ”

Pierre Gasley was the first Frenchman to win a Grand Prix since 1996 on the emotional podium; Stroll Canadian became the winner in 1997 after Jacques Villeneuve

Hamilton took a 10-second stop-and-go penalty for pitting when the pit entry in the security car following Magnussen’s retirement was closed, but Stroll could not hold it big and finished third behind final race winner Pierre Gasley and McLaren’s Carlos Science. Second.

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“It simply came to our notice then [the podium] Has been for a long time. Some part of me got bored, I started a terrible re-art after the red flag and dropped to sixth. I had a good fight with Carlos in the first lap after re-starting art, lost to him, came back to third and gave all I could.

“Pierre is very happy and I think [Gasly and Sainz] Led a great race. It was an amazing race and I am very happy to be back on the podium, ”he said.

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Stroll F1 has been standing on the podium for three years He captured P3 in 2017 in Azerbaijan, Being the second-youngest driver to reach Rostrum. The Canadian eased his frustration about losing the victory and praised first-race-winner Gasley.

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“I’ve been standing on the podium for a few years so it’s good to be back. It’s a crazy race; I am very happy for Pierre, he really deserves it, he has a great start and he is consistent throughout the race, ”he said.

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