May 19, 2024

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Hyundai customers victimized by data leak

Hyundai customers victimized by data leak

Hyundai's Quebec customers were the victims of a privacy incident last February that forced its former supplier of affected financing products, LGM Financial, to notify police, we've learned. News magazine.

“LGM Financial has assured us that it has taken all necessary steps, including notifying affected individuals, filing privacy reports, notifying the police and securing their systems with expert certification,” it said. Newspaper Hyundai spokesman Frederic Mercier.

“At this stage, we have no reason to believe that any information was misused after this incident,” he said.

In its announcement, Hyundai does not fail to mention that LGM Financial is one of its “former partners”.

Sectors Affected by Privacy Incidents

Commission for Access to Information provided

Are other brands affected?

at NewspaperHyundai assured that its systems and data in the country were “not affected by this incident”.

How many Quebecers are affected? Hyundai could not say.

What information is at risk? Here again, it is impossible to know.

According to the Seoul multinational, other brands are victims of the same leak. asked News magazineMazda declined to comment on the matter.

As of Monday morning, LGM Financial had not responded to our queries.

– More details to follow.


CAI received more than 254 notices of personal information privacy incidents last year, an increase of 221.5% over the previous fiscal year.

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