March 24, 2023

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Johnson won the Grand Slam, beating Jesse the Yankees

Johnson won the Grand Slam, beating Jesse the Yankees

The Yankees 7 Blue Jays 12

It was a fun team to watch. I know mistakes can be annoying, but the sixth inning was a lot of fun.

What really happened about that game happened in the sixth half. At the bottom of the sixth, with Chad Green Coming off an innings and Yankees start with 6-2:

  • Santiago Espinal Started it with a walk. Excellent 10 pitch at bat. He was shocked.
  • Danny Johnson Went out (but considering how his next bat happened, we’re sorry).
  • Cavan Biggio Walked (for today’s season time).
  • Randall Grichuk Hit the ground ball single.
  • Rowdy Tellez One below the first baseline, and Look you Booted it. We talk about how many mistakes Jace has made, but we are not alone. The Yankees had a terrible day with gloves on. Espinal scored. 6-3
  • Adam Ottavino Had to pitch for the Yankees. Vladimir Guerrero is one tight from the first baseline of the ground, but You can Played a little off the line and couldn’t get it. Biggio and Grichuk Scored. 6-5.
  • Vlad stole the second one !! Even if we lose, it is enough to make me happy. He got an amazing jump and it didn’t come close. I believe he didn’t think he should try to steal more but it was great. Adam Ottavino Terrible at catching runners at first.
  • Lord’s Guerrero A good line is on the drive. Such as Scored. 6-6
  • Gurrial stole the second without a throw. Gotta wonders why they are not working with Ottavino in catching the runners-up, as Gurrell’s second-place finish takes him out of the double play and into the scoring position.
  • Jonathan Villar Walked to load bases (9 pitch at bat).
  • Travis Shaw Hard single to center (good swing). Vlad and Lourdes score. 8-6 Jace.
  • Joe Panic (Pinching for espinal) ran to load bases (7 pitch at bat).
  • Danny Johnson Hit the Grand Slam. Johnson has a 3-1 count, and I yell, don’t swing. That’s why I’m not a hitting coach. 12-6 Jace.
  • That ended the game for Ottavino. You may be wondering why you left him so long ago, but the Yankees, like Jace, want to save some weapons for the next two games of the series.
  • Louis Sessa He comes to pitch for the Yankees, but Johnson has already killed the rally, so he gets Biggio and Grizzly to finish the inning.
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It’s our biggest innings this season, and it’s a ton of fun.

Other than that? Who cares …..

But, Hyun Jin Ryu Not good. He dropped 3 solo homers, first two and fourth. The first two fastballs are mostly on the plate. After that, he moved away from fastball, but change without fastball …. very bad fastball.

He had a tough fifth inning, giving up one-out singles and then scoring two runs in two overs. Another walk I thought they would take him out of the game, but he got a strikeout to get out of the inning. In total 5 innings, 6 hits, 5 earnings, 2 walks, 5 strikeouts.

Sean Reed-Foley Sixth had its tough time. Sean has 3 previous appearances, 4.2 innings, 1 hit, 2 walks, 6 strikeouts. In this game, he got 2 quick outs. Then single, walk, walk, run scoring walk. If we do not need to save some pitchers, I’m sure he will be out of the game here, but he scored just 1 to end the inning, but 3 runs in the inning to watch tough.

Sean wins because of baseball.

After our 10 runs, Julian Merryweather Came inside. He was horrible again. 2 innings, no hits, 1 walk, 1 k. I thought they would put him in ninth place, but, with his recent injury history, it would be wise to be careful.

Anthony Boss Ninth pitch. He hit the leadoff and allowed a double, but gave up just one run.

Before the sixth, it was a frustrating game.

In the first, we had two doubles and one walk, before the second out, but only scored one run.

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The second double, single started, but again we got a run.

We got two singles in third place, one out and not scored. And two of the fourth one-walk but never scored again.

There was so much misfortune, the hard hit balls seemed to be finding gloves.

In total we had 12 hits and 9 walks. 1 home run only. Everyone in the starting lineup reaches the base at least once. Also Joe Panic, Coming into the game in the sixth inning, had 2 walks.

Gurrial has another 3 hit game. Vlad and Travis have 2 hits. Biggio, Panic and Jansen have 2 walks. And we have 3 steels, which seems to be a season high. Biggio was the third, and stole Vlad and Lourdes.

Jace of the Day: Vlad (.284WPA), Gurrial (.182), Shaw (.132), Biggio (.105) and Espinal (.104). I have to give Johnson (.076 WPA) one, but he has a grand slam (even though it killed the rally.

Suckage: Rue (-.262) and Villar (-.124, 4 to 0 with walk). I haven’t fallen in love with him yet. He has another flaw today. Travis Shaw There is also an error.

Brett Gardner The left has a tough time. He had two misplays on the balls, he had 2 official errors for the Yankees (Hicks throw error and Volt).

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