December 4, 2022

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Xbox Game Pass adds EA play for free

Xbox Game Pass Adds EA Play for Free

EA Play is coming to Xbox Game Pass for free. In addition to revealing the launch date and price for the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has announced that EA Play – EA’s game subscription service, formerly known as EA Access / Origin Access – will now be included with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass గేమ్ at no extra cost. For PC. This means that Ultimate members will have access to EA Play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Windows 10, while Xbox Game Pass for PC members will have EA Play on Windows 10. The complimentary EA Play subscription will be available with the Xbox Game Pass “Vacation 2020”.

This means Of EA Largest franchises – FIFA, The fall of Titan, Need for speed, Battlefield, Mass effect, Sims, Skate and Madden NFL – Available Xbox Game Pass In a few months, the Microsoft subscription will turn out to be a better deal than before. In India, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is priced at Rs. 699, Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) Rs. 329 per month. The latter is now an excellent deal for PC gamers Play EA It costs Rs. 315 per month.

Those who pay for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also get EA titles on them Android Devices are available through Xbox Game streaming September 15 In selected markets. India was not part of the initial cloud rollout.

EA Play subscription offers Other benefits A lot. You see, it’s not the same EA Play Pro Subscription with unlimited access to select new EA titles. With EA Play, it takes almost a year or more for new launches to show up.

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EA is trying to expand access to its membership service. This is recent Came to steam In late August. EA Play is also available on PC Source, PS4, And Xbox One.

“Delivering EA play to the XA game will enable PASS members to connect our players to the games they love and to each other, wherever they want to play,” he said. She Strategic growth SVP said in a statement prepared by Mike Blanc. “Five years after delivering subscription services to the Xbox community, we & # 39; re excited to make it easy for them to enjoy both memberships together.”

Microsoft Gaming Partnerships & Ecosystem CVP Sarah Bond added: “Since we launched the Xbox Game Pass మీరు, you have shared that it creates amazing experiences for you and your community. Together, we saw it expanding the power of gaming – unlocking the discovery of new adventures, bringing fun and pleasure to a day and connecting from a distance. Bringing the best EA on Game Pass to EA Play devices is not a good time to rush into the Game Pass experience. ”

The Xbox Game Pass has over 10 million members worldwide. EA Play crossed 5 million members in October last year.