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Here are six interesting apps with iOS 14 widgets that you can download now

Here are six interesting apps with iOS 14 widgets that you can download now

If you just updated to iOS 14, you’ll notice that there are new home screen widgets that provide additional information.

They come in three sizes: a small square that takes up the same space as the four applications, a large rectangle that takes up eight application icons, and a large square that uses the same area as the 16 applications.

Overall, the consistent design used by all first and third party widgets is impressive and it overshadows the poor effort put by Google into widgets on Android. Google’s widget on iOS is also much better than its first-party Android widgets.

Hold the app until a menu appears to add widgets to your home screen. Then select ‘Edit Home Screen’ and tap on the ‘Plus’ icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen to add the widget.

Not every app has a widget yet, but a new feature will become more popular over time. For now, here are some good ones you can try.


Spark is an email and calendar app for iOS, Android and Mac. Apart from the email email platform with impressive inbox sorting, it also has some iOS widgets.

There are a few minimal widgets that tell you how many messages are in your inbox or at your next event, as well as simpler observations into your email and calendar. If you have not already tried Spark and you are looking for a new app to test widgets, we can not recommend it enough.


Timepage is another calendar app that has a pretty forward-thinking design. While it is possible to split the look of the app, the widget option is nothing.

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Includes ultra-minimum weather widget and some calendars. The design combines your to-do list, atmosphere and your calendar in a single pane. The good thing about all these widgets is that they match the color you set the main app to. The app has a wide range of colors, so you should have no trouble finding the right one for your wallpaper.

CBC News

For a bit of Canadian content, the CBC News app now also offers a widget‌. It can display top articles, local stories or news item. Everything can be set to medium or large, but it is not the smallest size. Overall this is a good looking widget, but time will tell only if it is updated with appropriate news as it is worthwhile.

Money Coach

Moneycoach is one of the most budget apps on iOS, but the thing to note is that it has a free range.

It has 10 widgets that provide one-time access to key budget information. For example, you can track your savings goals, spending against a single budget, quick toggles and more.

Overall, this is a good selection of widgets, but if you want to dive into what the app has to offer, you will need to pay for a subscription. Like this simple goal tracking widget, it is pretty awesome.

Pedometer ++

This app is as easy as it sounds. It keeps track of your steps while you roam during the day. Displays data selection of widgets such as steps taken up to the graphs, climbing floors and walking kilometers, comparing your previous days.

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This is a free fitness app with some widgets that can help you focus on your exercise goals. There are only two widgets here, but they both look awesome and blend very nicely with Apple’s default widgets.

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