November 30, 2023

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On lying AIs – Tech Crunch

On lying AIs - Tech Crunch

The yellow-eyed cat leans his eyes towards the camera and looks out of the gray bedspread. ‘London Trip’, AI’s title to this photo-montage ‘memory’ taken from the depths of my iPhone camera-roll. It picked up the sad score of piano and sweeping violin. The algorithm calculates that the heart strings must be tugged.

Trim the crop of the desk with the 2FA device resting on the laptop case. It is not photogenic at all. On a sofa shot in a living room. It is empty. The camera leans sideways towards the radio. Should we worry about the invisible owner? The show invites secret questions.

Cut to the outdoor view: A huge tree extending over an iron park fence. Another cloudy day in the city. Unusual shock of orange next to it. Part of public art? Glass blown installation? No time to investigate or question. AI is moving. It has more data blocking its banks.

Cut to the conference speaker. White, male, curved, he is gesturing against a naval wall stamped with a kind of symbol. The photo is of low quality, taken quickly from the audience, and the details are too blurry to take. Still, the camera will pan across the lazy, tedious Vista. The wide angle shows the meeting signs known as ‘Health X’. This distant press event is fading. Another unloving crop: My voice recorder next to a brick wall next to iced coffee. I work from a coffee shop.

We will go. Snap through the window-frame of a well-kept garden, bird bath sprouting from low bushes. Another shot of the bush shows a ladder along the brick wall. I think it’s like a church park in Southwark, but I can not be honest. It does not matter. AI has lost interest. Now it’s on the billboard of the Google Play ad: “Text your own tracks and millions to discover – try it for free now” reads the text on the weather JCDecaux brand stamp.

Because there is no time to consider any of these Suddenly it was night. It should be; My bedside lamp is lit. Or is there? Now we are back in the daytime on the living room sofa and with the book ‘Nikolsky’ (when this also happened, about the division and connection and random artifacts – although its artistic narrative succeeded in undesirable).

Cut into a few berries in a cup. Cut to the exotic-looking wallflower, which I know grows in the neighborhood. The score is really rising now. Vocal voices land to play along with a solo selfie.

I am discouraged. I have a lot of questions.

AI is not complete. For the finish: poorly framed crop of garden fence and patio of potted plants, wash weeping behind the leaves. The music is declining and the machine is almost done building its London trip. The last shot comes to mind: someone grabs a half-drunk punch in the hand.

Go home algorithm, you’re drunk.

Footnote: Apple Said On-Device Machine Learning Powers iOS’s “Intelligent Photos Experience” analyzes every photo in the user’s photo library using “On-Device Machine Learning”. [to] Provide a personalized experience for each customer ”- with advanced processing to include visual classification, composition analysis, identification of individuals and pets, quality analysis and facial expression recognition.

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