February 23, 2024

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Iran cracks down on US as world refuses to re-impose sanctions | US-Iran calm news

Iran cracks down on US as world refuses to re-impose sanctions |  US-Iran calm news

Iran promised to give “Decisive response” against the United States for treating opponents and allies equally rowdy after Washington said it would re-enforce UN sanctions – without UN approval.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addresses a live television cabinet meeting On Sunday, Praising world powers for resisting US pressure to reinstate UN sanctions, said the effort had “reached its definite stage of failure”.

U.S. against world on Iran ‘snapback’ sanctions

“Today will be an unforgettable day in the diplomatic history of our country,” he said.

Rouhani pointed out how the US was trying to gain the support of other nuclear deal signatories after its unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal, predicting that Iran would act irrationally, giving an excuse to form an international coalition against Tehran.

“Today we can say that America’s ‘maximum pressure’ against Iran, politically and legally, has become America’s ‘maximum isolation’.”

The President addressed the remaining five signatories to the Iran nuclear deal, promising that Tehran would fully implement its commitments if they fully complied with the agreement.

Exactly one year after the US withdrew from the nuclear deal, Iran began to gradually reduce its commitments, including those related to enriched uranium reserves. Iran continues to approve the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The U.S. has been at loggerheads with other permanent members of the UN over sanctions, with Washington’s aides saying the international community, including the United Kingdom, France and Germany, has no legal basis.

The American decision set the stage for an ugly showdown at the World Organization ahead of its annual general meeting this week.

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday that European leaders had “not raised a finger” to stop arms sales to Iran.

He told Fox News that “arms sales, tanks, air defense systems, all of which, in a few weeks, will be allowed to be sold. And the Europeans will not join us in this.”

‘The world is safe’

In a statement issued after the deadline set by the United States, Pompey threatened “consequences” for any UN member state that did not comply with the punitive measures lifted under the 2015 landmark nuclear deal between the six world powers and Iran. But was abandoned by the US two years ago.

Despite withdrawing from the US deal in May 2018 and re-enforcing disability sanctions on Iran, Washington still argues that it is technically a “participant” and has been called a “snapback”.

The White House plans to issue executive orders Monday stating how the U.S. will enforce the renewed sanctions, and state and treasury departments will explain how to impose fines on foreign individuals and businesses for violations.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an unnamed U.S. official told Reuters news agency Washington that more than two dozen people and companies involved in Iran’s nuclear, missile and conventional weapons program would be granted.

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Financial pressure from Washington on Tehran eased the local currency to a minimum on Sunday. The Iranian currency fell to 272,500 against the US dollar at money exchange shops across the capital.

The rial has lost more than 30 percent of its value since June, as US sanctions on Iran have severely curtailed its ability to sell oil. At the time of the Tehran 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, the Iranian currency was at 32,000 riyals per dollar.

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