November 29, 2023

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Emmys 2020: Glitch-free technical success and thrilling comedy sweep for Shit’s Creek

Emmys 2020: Glitch-free technical success and thrilling comedy sweep for Shit's Creek

It’s crazy zoom audio, surprisingly technical issues and historic successes – especially for Canadian comedy Shits Creek – Sunday at the 72nd Annual Emmy Awards.

Despite the organizers having to send nearly 130 camera kits to nominees worldwide to accommodate the stars at home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, everything came together despite calls and anticipation of a general disaster.

Here are some highlights from the night of upsets, historic achievements and big statements.

“Hello and welcome to Pond-Emmys” host Jimmy Kimmel announced the launch of the show. The Late-Night Show host’s opening monologue is an open acknowledgment of both the unfamiliarity and futility of participating in an awards show during an epidemic.

At first, the audience looked like a typical awards show, with the audience’s pans showing smiling and smiling stars. The desolate Staples Center in Los Angeles reveals vacant seats, until Kimmel admits he is mostly alone.

Host Jimmy Kimmel speaks on stage in front of empty seats at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Although the building was largely empty, the program came together as a technical success. (The Television Academy and ABC Entertainment / The Associated Press)

“Alone,” Kimmel joked. “Like Prom Night.”

He mentioned the strange reason why the Television Academy chose to continue the program. He said going during the epidemic was “useless and unnecessary”, but what other year would it be different?

“It doesn’t matter what happens tonight,” Kimmel said. “It’s not going to stop COVID. It’s not going to put out the fires, but it’s fun. We need fun right now. My God, do we need fun?”

Top honors for Shits Creek

After the monologue, the show began with the Comedy Awards. Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy topped the Emmys as Best Comedian and Actor, and this is just the beginning for the much-loved, produced ones in Canada Shits Creek.

The show won comedy awards and received top honors in all seven categories. Following the success of O’Hara and Levy, Annie Murphy was named Emmy Best Supporting Actress, and Daniel Levy was named Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Comedy Writer and Best Director of a Comedy Series, along with Andrew Cividin. It was first Emmys, never before achieved any other comedy.

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See | Kimmel jokes about Canada’s Stanley Cup drought after Shit’s Creek gets bigger:

After Canadian series Shits Creek picked up the Emmy Awards comedy section, host Jimmy Kimmel reminded Canadians of a trophy they had never won. 3:06

“If they had won another Emmy, they would have traded them for it,” Kimmel joked and revealed the Mac Stanley Cup. “But they didn’t, so we’re going to keep it here for another 27 years.”

Kimmel targeted another joke Shits Creek Before leaving, ABC Censors said the show demanded a show Shits Creek Logo Whenever a TV show name is mentioned – to clarify what is being mentioned. The logo often appears when a comedy show wins each award in the first hour of airing.

HBO vs. Netflix

Shits Creek Not the only series to receive some love – as the most nominated show of the night, Limited range of HBO Watchmen Not disappointed. It was nominated for Best Limited Series, and star Regina King was named Best Lead Actress. The show earned the highest number of Emmys per night 11 awards – No wonder Watchmen gave so many nominations with 26 people.

It was a resounding success for the network, which is in the ongoing battle with streaming giant Netflix.

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Although Netflix set a record for most nominations with 160, it won only 21, behind HBO’s 30 awards, both of which have statues Watchmen And its other success story, Inheritance. This show is about a family not responsible for the global media empire, Won the first prize of the best play.

Upset night

Inheritance He also won awards for Best Writing for a Drama and Directing a Drama, and it won the lead actor statues in a drama series for Jeremy Strong. It was widely rumored that Strong, who played Strong’s father on the show, would beat his co – star Brian Cox and win. This award is Strong’s first Emmy nomination.

It wasn’t just the night that upset me. Actor Zendaya won for his performance in the series Unhappy, Her team loudly, clapping behind her.

See | Shits Creek was a big hit at the Emmy Awards:

CBC Comedy Shits Creek actually won several awards at the 72nd Emmy Awards due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and without the red carpet. 3:24

At the age of 24, Zendaya became the youngest person to win an Emmy as a lead actress in a play, and defeated Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer for what they did. Eve Killing, For Jennifer Aniston The Morning Show, For Laura Lynn Ozark And Olivia Coleman Crown.

“I want to say that there is hope in the youth there,” Zendaya said in his acceptance speech. “I know our TV show may not always seem like a great example of that, but there is hope in young people.”

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Passionate messages

The virtual nature of the Emmy program did not reduce the number of impassioned speeches. Actor Anthony Anderson presented the nominees for Best Outstanding Series by shouting “Black Lives Matter”. Daniel Levy, the audience members are encouraged to register to vote, and the Sterling K. Brown, Black Lives Matter of the final award of the night was given a T-shirt while playing.

Sterling K. Brown, Black Lives Matter under his blazer, T-shirt, was presented the award for Best Drama Series. (The Television Academy and ABC Entertainment / The Associated Press)

There have been other comments, including a moment from comedy series creator Rami Yusuf. Framework.

The comedy series had Best Director and Best Leading Actor Yusuf, both of which eventually went away Shits Creek. Still, the presenter wearing the Hazmat showed Yusuf home, saying goodbye only after announcing the real winners.

“When you lost Emmy,” Yusuf captioned a tweet. An attached video showed the presenter running away with a gold statue, telling you what happens when you do not win at a COVID-19 shaped Emmys.

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