December 1, 2023

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Sask. The business was fined K 14K for operating during COVID-19 restrictions

Sask.  The business was fined K 14K for operating during COVID-19 restrictions

The Saskatchewan Health Authority fined the business 000 14,000 for operating during COVID-19 restrictions.

Fine $ 10,000, for victims of crime surcharge, 000 4,000. A surcharge of 40% of the fine imposed, if the fine exceeds $ 500, is rounded to the nearest dollar.

Although the business is said to have been fined for working during the COVID-19 restrictions, the province does not say where the business is located or why it was fined.

The SHA has now imposed four fines during the epidemic.

On Thursday, it announced it was there One person was fined 8 2,800 for self-isolation when symptomatic. This is the second time the SHA has fined those who do not segregate after testing positive for COVID-19.

Earlier this month, the administrator of the “big social gathering” at the Saskatoon home was fined $ 2,000 (plus an $ 800 surcharge). Led to at least 21 COVID-19 cases.

“Penalties are not our first choice,” an SHA spokesman said in an email. “We want people to take responsibility and protect their health and the health of friends, family and the community.”

However, the SHA said non-compliance with public health regulations could have very serious consequences.

It prefers social gatherings, weddings and parties to increase broadcast rates across Saskatchewan and across the country.

“It is endangering our schools, businesses and health facilities,” the statement said.

A Saskatchewan RCMP spokesman said they had been given two COVID-19-related fines in the past three months, one for a large meeting and one not for self-segregation when needed.

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